A Tribute of Remembrance

To honor millions of people killed around the world during the horrific chapter of colonization.

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The Ugly Parts of Colonization


Kenyans resisting colonization at gun point.


Innocent children were victims of the Biafra war.


Slave Market Atlanta, Georgia


Hanged bodies of Namibians


German Concentration Camp

Rape of Nanking


My Lai Massacre


Rwandan Genocide


Dag Hammarskjold crash

gone but not forgotten

The Faces of Resistance

We cannot pretend that racism borne of colonization does not exist, or just play it off. It is like a disease, and we must treat it. We strongly believe that the sins of colonization must be acknowledged, mass atrocities and abuse recognized and remembered, so that victims and descendant communities can recover and heal.

We are committed to advance truth and reconciliation around race internationally and to confront the legacy of colonization - slavery, genocides, massacres, apartheid, and segregation more honestly.


Why Build a Memorial for Victims of Colonization

We believe that publicly confronting the truth about our history is the first step towards  reconciliation and healing.