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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should the United Nations Colonization Memorial be in Houston?

Cognizance that the very first victims of colonization were innocent tribal-Indian men, women, and children who were slaughtered in the Spanish colonies of the New World -when Texas was part of Mexico, it is only befitting that the world’s first and only colonization memorial be constructed in Houston which served as the temporary capital of the Republic of Texas before it was formally annexed by the U.S. Envisaged to bring together over 170 countries - including diplomats and world leaders to the shores of Houston, UNCM will set the tone for racial healing, provide Houston an international tourist destination and add to its status as an international city of legendary hospitality, where more than 145 languages are spoken by residents.

What is United Nations Colonization Memorial all about?

UNCM is a tribute of remembrance to honor millions of people killed around the world during the horrific chapter of colonization, a dark period of racial terrorism in our past that though most people would rather forget, casts a shadow across the world and compromise our commitment to a more inclusive society.

Why the United Nations?

The landmark Charter of the United Nations which guaranteed international peace and security, was a promissory note to which people of every color and creed were to fall heir. Instead of honoringits sacred obligation, it is obvious with hindsight that the United Nations defaulted on that promise insofar as people of color are concerned. In fact, under the watchful eyes of the UN, many conquered territories across the world weredrenched in the blood of their revolutionary heroes, who were killed in the worst of circumstances - from targeted assassinations to extrajudicial executions,massacres, and genocide. Even Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold, the UN’s own chief who was a staunch advocate for decolonization was not free.  .

Why now?

For centuries, access to "the ugly parts" of colonization history has been severely limited by the lack of genealogical records of victims and their descendants. Now, a team of dedicated researchers and genealogists is seeking to change that with "United Nations Colonization Memorial" an ambitious new project, aimed at liaising with countries that were colonized and recovering the names of millions of men, women and children killed during the dark period of colonization.Beside calling the world to acknowledgement, to repentance and to healing, the ultimate goal-of UNCM is to make a searchable database of the hidden story of colonization, identify the real names of individuals lost to this tragic history and restore their dignity.  

Why share a common space for the victims of Colonization?

Colonization was not just brutal footnotes in history, they reflected a belief in racial differences that reinforced apartheid, segregation, and has resulted in a pattern of unequal justice today. After centuries of massacres,genocides, and extrajudicial executions during that dark period, descendant communities have an obligation to share a common space for the victims. UNCM is designed to teach people more about "the ugly parts" of colonization history, which been missing through deliberate miseducation and historical suppression. .